Rio Ferdinand blasts ‘disgraceful’ Glazers and makes Manchester United takeover stance clear 5 days ago

The former Man United defender is less than satisfied with how the Glazers are deciding to operate the takeover process.

Ferdinand has criticised the Glazers for their lack of communication

Rio Ferdinand says the Glazers have been ‘disgraceful’ in their approach of communicating takeover developments to Manchester United fans and says the lack of updates has angered him.

The owners have offered little in the way of information regarding how the process is evolving. Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani and Sir Jim Ratcliffe lead the race although the former is concerned the Glazers may end up not selling despite staging multiple rounds of bidding.

The board announced it was looking at ‘strategic alternatives’ last November but the conclusion of the takeover process is still unclear. Ferdinand says the lack of updates since then is unacceptable.

Speaking on YouTube show FIVE, he said: “These owners, the Glazers, I don’t care what they say now, since June we’ve not heard anything. Even then it was tepid. Communication in any line of work in any business is vital for it to flourish and proposer and to function properly.

“Their lack of communication has been deafening. It’s been disgraceful in my eyes because you’ve got a fanbase, an institution, a club, a staff, players, a manager who to work at their best need the comms to be right, to understand it.”

Ferdinand referenced how anti-Glazer protests during his time at United were not heard as much due to the results on the pitch thanks to a secure and solid changing room. The former defender says the current situation is different and that the Glazers need to step up and help.

Ferdinand added: “This is a fragile changing room, a fragile infrastructure. There’s new people coming in and out, the culture’s trying to be reset. People behind that are new as well.

“And this ownership aren’t communicating to help that. We need communication now more than ever, and they’re not getting it. That’s where my anger and frustration lies with the ownership. The silence speaks volumes.”

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