Jamie Carragher makes feelings on Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo clear with savage declaration

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Jamie Carragher confidently ended the Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi GOAT debate, and his selection caused the CBS analyst table to take issue with just how sure he was with his verdict

Football pundit Jamie Carragher picks Messi in the GOAT debate between Ronaldo
Football pundit Jamie Carragher picks Messi in the GOAT debate between Ronaldo

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher proclaimed with certainty that Lionel Messi is a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo, and that it is "not even close."

On the CBS Sports Golazo set in Miami, Carragher participated in a six-person panel, engaging in discussions and fielding questions from fans. When asked about the enduring debate between Messi and Ronaldo, he unequivocally chose Messi, confidently asserting that there "is no debate."

"Ronaldo is nowhere near the level of Messi," said Carragher. "Ronaldo is one of the greatest goal-scorers of all time. Messi is the greatest player of all time. It's not even close."

Carragher's stance faced opposition from a panel member who contended that the former Liverpool star harbored a dislike for Ronaldo. This panelist argued in favor of Ronaldo, asserting that there was a time when the debate over who was the better all-around player was close, particularly citing the Portuguese star's tenure at Manchester United.

"He wasn't at his prime at United," argued Carragher. "Of course, he was a great player, but I think he was at his best at Real Madrid." When asked if the Real Madrid of Ronaldo compared to the Argentine, Carragher said: "It's not Messi [level]. I don't think it's [close.]"

The panel swiftly reminded Carragher of past incidents, pointing out that Messi had previously referred to him as a donkey. Additionally, they noted that Ronaldo had seemingly ignored him while acknowledging the rest of the Sky Sports pitchside team during his time at Manchester United.

The football pundit was critical of Manchester United's signing of Ronaldo a second time and said that Messi was a bad signing for PSG. Carragher revealed he got a "private message from the man himself."

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Ronaldo famously denied Carragher a handshake
Ronaldo famously denied Carragher a handshake

Carragher shared, "I had a little dig at Ronaldo early in the season. I did not think it was a great signing for United. And I used the example of Messi. I did not think Messi was a great signing for PSG," he continued.

Presenter David Jones interjected, "That was on Monday Night Football, wasn't it?" Carragher confirmed, "Yeah, it was on Monday Night Football, and I got a private message on Instagram." Jones inquired, "From the man himself?" Carragher responded, "From the man himself. I will not be showing private messages, but he basically called me a donkey."

Ronaldo deliberately avoided acknowledging Carragher on the touchline before Manchester United's 2-1 victory over Liverpool in 2022. The ex-Manchester United forward approached the Sky Sports punditry team, who were pitchside before the match.

He then exchanged handshakes with former United teammates Gary Neville and Roy Keane. Despite Carragher's apparent attempt to extend a handshake, Ronaldo appeared to make a conscious effort to avoid it.

Rio Ferdinand, the ex-Red Devil, playfully commented, "Cristiano absolutely blanking Carragher there." The video went viral on social media, with fans laughing at him being left hanging.

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